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..for the financial insights, support, and education that your organization needs to meet the challenges it faces, while you focus on scaling your business.

We provide educational offerings empowering you and your employees to effectively grow and lead your organizations. Our offerings are custom tailored for small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs and can be delivered virtually or onsite.


CFO OnBoard® offers accounting, finance and business support that scales as your organization grows.  You pay for the services you need.  The model is successful for both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.  You can tap into CFO advisory services at a crucial time in the life of your business.


If you are a business with less than $500,000 in revenues, and would like to discuss how to best overcome the financial and  business challenges you face, we can schedule a virtual CFO Onboard consultation with you.   Areas to discuss can include revenue outlook, cash flow management, financing including PPP and EIDL loans, business restructuring, exit strategies and more.

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Has been an instrumental resource during a pivotal stage in our startup’s growth

FINTAL has been an instrumental resource for hatch I.T. during a pivotal stage in our startup’s growth. We’ve had great success engaging with Namrata to supply us with a very dialed in forecast that offered us the comfort and confidence to add additional resources to our team that we would not have capitalized on had we not engaged her. We recommend Namrata and her team to any small business owners looking for a trusted CFO for hire.

Tim Winkler Hatch I.T.

Allowed me to have more ease of mind

The financial and budgeting modeling support that FINTAL has provided for CultivatePeople allowed me to have more ease of mind as we continue to invest in resources and people as we grow and scale quickly!

Lola Han CEO, CultivatePeople

Tailored the courses to meet the needs of our agency

Namrata has been an effective instructor in teaching our staff the fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis. She is both knowledgeable and flexible, tailoring the courses to meet the needs of our agency. Our staff finds the class to be both relevant and practical, providing great support in their day to day job.

Alex Villanueva US Department of Commerce

Recommend her to those seeking a robust & effective instructor

My job is to find excellent instructors to serve federal government agencies and I was thrilled to find Namrata to service the needs of the Department of Commerce. She is knowledgeable in the subject matter and is well liked by my clients. I recommend Namrata to other organizations seeking a robust and effective instructor.

Amanda Alter Graduate School USA

We got everything, plus a depth of corporate & nonprofit experience

We needed it all: bookkeeping, financial reporting, and CFO‐level services. Rather than sacrificing one skill for another, we get everything we need partnering with FINTAL, as well as depth of corporate and nonprofit experience we’d never be able to find in a single person. They gave us the strength & flexibility we needed to keep growing while laying a strong financial foundation for our future.

Jeanne McCarty REAL School Gardens

Provided remarkable leadership and wisdom for us

I am particularly impressed by your clients and as a model, the remarkable leadership and wisdom that you have provided for Functional Formularies. Thank you for your continued leadership.

John Tew, MD Investor

Quickly gained our confidence and trust as a CFO OnBoard®

FINTAL quickly gained our confidence and trust as our interim CFO OnBoard®. They worked with our organization for 6 months developing the systems and processes we needed to launch our organization forward.

Susan Hartnoll Berman Institute for Integrative Health

Took us over the million dollar sales in less than 18 months

When Namrata came to work for us we were a small start-up that was experiencing rapid growth. She supported negotiations helping us successfully raise a large sum of investment dollars. Her ability to look at big picture goals and create a road map for financial success has taken my company over the million dollar sales mark in less than 18 months.

Robin Gentry McGee Nutritional Medicinals, LLC

Has been a fantastic addition to my team

FINTAL has been a fantastic addition to my team. The company’s virtual bookkeeping services gets the job done providing the information I need to run and grow my business.

Holly Dale Shapiro Go Go Golosh

Greatly helped my clients to achieve their goals

I hired FINTAL for two of my clients for business planning services. Their expertise in strategy combined with technical skills in accounting and finance are a winning combination for any business owner and greatly helped my clients to achieve their goals.

John Favreau Little Lake Partners

Gave us solid financial, legal and business strategy

FINTAL made it so easy! They provided us with a comprehensive launch kit, with solid financial, legal and business strategy — and then pointed out when we reached our 1st year goals in only 6 months! Their wise guidance paid off.

Jo Cooper Jo Cooper Studio

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